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Gerry Robert

26 February 2012

Best-selling author, speaker and consultant Gerry Robert explains the fundamentals of his new book The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income.


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Christopher Joye Part 2

19 December 2012 – With the RBA cutting the cash rate by 125 basis points in 2012, Christopher Joye from Yellow Brick Road Funds Management has been providing commentary on every move it makes. What does he see for 2013? Don't miss his views. Watch part one here.

Christopher Joye Part 1

19 December 2012 – With the RBA cutting the cash rate by 125 basis points in 2012, Christopher Joye from Yellow Brick Road Funds Management has been providing commentary on every move it makes. What does he see for 2013? Don't miss his views. Watch part two here.

Charles Tarbey

17 December 2012 – After home loan approvals rose by only 0.1 per cent in October, is 2013 going to be the year the property market rises, and is now the right time to jump in? To discuss, Charles Tarbey from Century 21 joins Broker TV.

Peter White

14 December 2012 – An issue gaining momentum in the media is the commissions available to mortgage brokers and how borrowers may be paying thousands of dollars more on a home loan simply due to a failure of some brokers to disclose all information. To discuss, Peter White from the Finance Brokers Association of Australia joins Broker TV.

L.Janusz Hooker

12 December 2012 – After recent rate cuts and as housing values begin to rise again, has the housing market hit its bottom or is the ever-contracting construction sector a sign the worst is yet to come? To discuss, L. Janusz Hooker from LJ Hooker joins Broker TV.

Jaci Smith

10 December 2012 – How is the mortgage market travelling and what's the outlook for interest rates in 2013? To discuss this, as well as the benefits of a mortgage broker, Jaci Smith from mylocalbroker.com.au joins Broker TV.

James Austin

07 December 2012 – With interest rates continuing to fall on term deposits, many investors are looking at ways to get more bang for their buck. One alternative is RMBS. To discuss, Firstmac's James Austin joins Broker TV.

Terry McCrann

04 December 2012 – Will the Reserve Bank cut the cash rate today? For his predictions on this, economic analysis, and why Australia has become a very bad place to invest, Terry McCrann joins Broker TV.

Glenn Baker & Tom Piotrowski

05 December 2012 – The Reserve Bank dropped the cash rate to three per cent at its November meeting, the lowest level since September 2009. What effect will this have on the market and economy? For this and much more, Glenn Baker from ING Direct and Tom Piotrowski from CommSec join Broker TV.

Samer Kurdi & Richard Korda

03 December 2012 – The Entrepreneurs' Organization has led to a million people being employed worldwide. Operating in 35 countries, there are almost 9000 members and the average member makes $18 million in revenue. What's the secret behind this millionaires factory? To discuss, Richard Korda, who specialises in equipment and commercial property finance, and Samer Kurdi join Broker TV.

Shane Oliver

30 November 2012 – With a number of sectors around Australia struggling, Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors argues we haven't yet seen enough rate cuts. Don't miss his views on this and the outlook for the economy on Broker TV.

David Murray

28 November 2012 – The Future Fund recently announced it will pay $2 billion for the assets of the Australian Infrastucture Fund, forming part of its push to increase its exposure to infrastructure. To discuss, David Murray, the former chairman of the Fund, who is now the inaugural chair of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds, joins Broker TV.

Kate Anderson

26 November 2012 – Transition to retirement pensions might be just the way to ease yourself into retirement, allowing access to your super while you keep working. There are tax-effective strategies to be aware of, especially when it comes to doing it inside an SMSF. To take us through the fine print, Kate Anderson joins Broker TV.

Mark Bouris

23 November 2012 – He was known as the Wizard of Oz after building up Wizard Home Loans and selling it for more than half a billion dollars. Now, the star of The Apprentice is taking on the Big Four banks with his business Yellow Brick Road in a new deal with Macquarie. For the whole story, Mark Bouris joins Broker TV.

Jeff Clementz

21 November 2012 – Security is a concern for shoppers buying online, which is why services like PayPal have become popular. To discuss digital wallets and innovations such as facial recognition when buying in-store, PayPal's Jeff Clementz joins Broker TV.

Shane Oliver

19 November 2012 – For analysis on China, the US fiscal cliff and much more, Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors joins Broker TV.

John Marasco

16 November 2012 – Most Aussie investors are looking to expand their property portfolios despite seeing little improvement in the last six months. According to Colliers' Global Investor Sentiment Survey, raising new equity is still the main concern. To take us through the main findings John Marasco joins Broker TV.

Corey Loehr

14 November 2012 – If just 10 per cent of people were allowed to "telework", 9000 less people each year would change their jobs, saving the economy more than $90 million a year in recruitment and training costs. To discuss what teleworking is, Intel's Corey Loehr joins Broker TV.

Simon Bond & Stephen Halmarick

12 November 2012 – Where is our economy headed, what's the outlook for the US, and what should we make of the RBA's decision to hold fire on the cash rate? To find out, Simon Bond from RBS Morgans and Stephen Halmarick from Colonial First State Global Asset Management join Broker TV.

Christopher Joye

09 November 2012 – Aussie house prices only saw a slight uptick in the September quarter, suggesting ongoing weakness in the sector despite recent rate cuts. What will be the impact of the RBA's decision to hold rates at 3.25 per cent? Christopher Joye from Yellow Brick Road Funds Management joins Broker TV.

Clifford Bennett

08 November 2012 – Concerns about China, Europe and the fiscal cliff in the USA are looming over stock markets, but should we be worried? For a shot of optimism, Clifford Bennett, author of the White Crane Report, joins Broker TV.

Tom Waterhouse

05 November 2012 – Tom Waterhouse is a thoroughbred when it comes to horse racing. With Cup Day just around the corner, where is this bookie placing his bets? Don't miss his tips.

Michele Levine

02 November 2012 – Australians expect inflation of 5.7 per cent over the next two years! To discuss the findings, Michele Levine from Roy Morgan Research joins Broker TV.

Margaret Lomas & Karen Stiles

31 October 2012 – Would you buy a home before it's even been built? To discuss the perils of buying property off the plan, Margaret Lomas from Destiny, and Karen Stiles from Owners Corporation Network of Australia join Broker TV.

Craig Rispin

29 October 2012 – What are the key drivers that could affect the way people are investing? To discuss, business futurist Craig Rispin joins Broker TV.

Peter Applebaum

26 October 2012 – Who's afraid of social media? To discuss how you can best leverage social media for your business, Peter Applebaum from Tick Yes joins Broker TV.

Stuart Grimshaw

24 October 2012 – The Bank of Queensland recently reported a $17 million full-year loss, but its CEO Stuart Grimshaw says things are looking up. Can the bank be turned around, and what are the plans for the broker market? To find out, Grimshaw joins Broker TV.

Andrew Bland

22 October 2012 – Recently unfair dismissal laws have seen a revision. While small and medium businesses welcomed the government announcement, Andrew Bland of BlandsLaw explains why more reform is still needed.

John McGrath

19 October 2012 – With home loan approvals at their highest level in months, where is the next hotspot to take advantage of the current low rates? Property expert John McGrath joins Switzer TV to discuss.

Joseph Walton and Enzo Raimondo

19 October 2012 – A recent push to do away with the requirement for commercial real estate agents to be licensed, with COAG saying it's unnecessary, has attracted outrage among the real estate industry. To discuss, Joseph Walton from Allard Shelton and Enzo Raimondo from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria join Switzer TV.

Peter Costello - Part 1

17 October 2012 – In this exclusive interview, Peter Switzer speaks with former treasurer Peter Costello for his views on leadership and much more, including not getting the number one job. Stay tuned for part 2.

Ricky Stuart

15 October 2012 – What does it take to lead? For his insights and tips, don't miss rugby league icon Ricky Stuart.

Mark Hewitt

12 October 2012 – Who are homeowners turning to when looking to refinance their mortgage? According to the AFG Competition Index, there's been a move towards non-major lenders. To discuss, Mark Hewitt joins Broker TV.

Craig James

10 October 2012 – Can Treasurer Wayne Swan bring the struggling budget to surplus? For a read on the Aussie economy, the Aussie dollar and more, don't miss CommSec's Craig James.

Michelle Hutchison

8 October 2012 – The RBA surprised the market and economists last week by cutting the cash rate to 3.25 per cent. To discuss the latest on interest rates, Michelle Hutchison from RateCity joins Broker TV.

Ellie Comerford

5 October 2012 – When it comes to making the plunge into the property market, timing is everything and right now may be the best entry point. Ellie Comerford, CEO of Genworth joins Broker TV to discuss.

Glenn Baker and Tom Piotrowski

3 October 2012 – The RBA cut the cash rate to 3.25 per cent yesterday, but will we see more this year? For more analysis, CommSec's Tom Piotrowski and Glenn Baker from ING Direct join Broker TV.

Tom Dickson

28 September 2012 – 14 million views and counting. To discuss internet advertising strategies, the innovator behind the first viral marketing YouTube video in history, Blendtec founder Tom Dickson, joins Broker TV.

Michael Cant

26 September 2012 – Should we be looking to lock ourselves into fixed home loan rates? For a look at trends in the mortgage market, Michael Cant from CBA joins Broker TV.

Peter Jones

25 September 2012 – Recovery for the housing sector might not be for many months yet. Chief Economist, Peter Jones of Master Builders Australia discusses his views.

Kate Anderson

24 September 2012 – Kate Anderson joins Broker TV to discuss wise, smart and legal borrowing strategies for your self managed super fund.

Moses Samaha

21 September 2012 – The mining boom is on its way out! New research by Veda shows Western Australia is losing steam whilst the Eastern states may have picked up some economic momentum.

Ian Corfield

18 September 2012 – Little movement from rate cuts reflect lack of confidence in economy. Do we need to cut deep to get the economy moving?

Kym Illman

18 September 2012 – Kym Illman joins Broker TV to share his secrets on ambush marketing and more.

Heidi Armstrong

17 September 2012 – When looking for a home loan, are the big four the place to be or should we be looking for something off the beaten track. Heidi Armstrong from State Custodians joins Broker TV to discuss.

John Edwards

14 September 2012 – The property sector has been subdued since the GFC, but is it turning a corner? And if you're going to dive into the property market, should you look at a house or apartment? To answer these questions, John Edwards from Residex joins Broker TV.

Paul Rickard

13 September 2012 – Paul Rickard, the former CEO of CommSec, and a writer on Switzer Super Report joins Broker TV to look at why the Federal Government is considering playing around with the tax concessions for SMSF trustees.

Joseph Walton

12 September 2012 – Joseph Walton from Allard Shelton joins Broker TV to provide his perspective on what's happening in the property development industry.

John Singleton Part 2

11 September 2012 – In this exclusive interview with Peter Switzer, ad guru and professed Qantas tragic, John Singleton reveals why he thinks CEO Alan Joyce isn't up for the job. Don't miss part one.

John Singleton

10 September 2012 – In this exclusive interview with Peter Switzer, ad guru and professed Qantas tragic, John Singleton reveals why he thinks CEO Alan Joyce isn't up for the job. Don't miss part two.

John McGrath

7 September 2012 – What are the hot suburbs right now? John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Estate Agents, joins Broker TV to discuss.

Sinclair Taylor

7 September 2012 – New SMSF laws are taking action after the Cooper review. To talk through what we need to know, Sinclair Taylor, head of SMSF at Westpac, joins Broker TV.

Dr Frank Gelber

5 September 2012 – When will this mining boom end? Dr Frank Gelber of BIS Shrapnel joins Broker TV to discuss why he thinks mining will continue to underpin activity for the next few years.

Greg McAweeney

3 September 2012 – Do Australians have a 'head in the sand' mentaility when it comes to finances? To discuss a recent survey, RaboDirect's Greg McAweeney joins Broker TV.

John Borghetti

31 August 2012 – Virgin Australia has been soaring as of late. To talk through the company's recent financial results and more, CEO John Borghetti joins Broker TV.

Bill Leak

30 August 2012 – Famous for his wickedly cutting poignant cartoons in The Australian, cartoonist Bill Leak joins Switzer TV to discuss his new book and more.

Michael Russell

29 August 2012 – How is the mortgage market travelling at the moment? Michael Russell, CEO of Mortgage Choice, shares his views, and discusses the company's latest financial results.

Jason Huljich

28 August 2012 – How much of a risk are property trusts that aren't listed on the stock exchange, and what are the opportunities? Jason Huljich from Centuria Property Funds joins Switzer TV to discuss.

Shane Oliver

27 August 2012 – Is the mining boom over? Has the rally got legs? Shane Oliver from AMP Capital Investors shares his views.

Gary Stone

24 August 2012 – Despite most economic indicators looking good, the bear market continues, but for how much longer? Gary Stone from Share Wealth Systems has analysed stock market data from the past 100 years to work out when this bear market will end, if ever.

Paul Fisher

22 August 2012 – Online advertising is booming with the industry passing the $3 billion mark in the past financial year and revenues up 21 per cent. To discuss these figures, Paul Fisher from IAB Australia joins Broker TV.

David Harrison

22 August 2012 – For a look at how the property market travelling, from the office space to the retail and residential sectors, David Harrison from Charter Hall joins Switzer TV.

John Hewson

16 May 2012 – Former Federal Liberal Leader John Hewson reviews the 2012-13 Budget.

John McGrath

20 April 2012 – As economists anticipate a share market sell-off, is now the time to buy property instead? John McGrath grades real estate in his report card on the state of the market.

Paul Bloxham

16 April 2012 – The argument for a rate cut in May could be weaker following stronger-than-expected data on inflationary expectations and the unemployment rate steady at 5.2 per cent. Given the new data, how will the Reserve Bank react? To find out, Peter Switzer speaks with HSBC chief economist Paul Bloxham on Broker TV.

Christopher Joye

13 April 2012 – With house prices up 0.3 per cent so far this year, could the property market finally be on the mend? Yellow Brick Road Funds Management’s Christopher Joye provides his views on rates, house prices and the state of the market.

Dr Frank Gelber

11 April 2012 – The fall in residential commencements in 2011 seems to have bottomed out as the number of first homebuyers picks up. But can this be sustained, and will the turnaround gain traction in 2012? Peter Switzer speaks with BIS Shrapnel chief economist Dr Frank Gelber.

Lisa Claes

4 April 2012 – The Reserve Bank yesterday left the cash rate on hold at 4.25 per cent, but has kept the door open for further rate cuts if the economy weakens. For insight into the rate decision, Peter Switzer speaks with ING Direct’s Lisa Claes.

Ellie Comerford

2 April 2012 – According to the March 2012 Genworth homebuyer confidence index, 39 per cent of homebuyers believe now is a good time to buy a home. CEO of Genworth Financial Australia Ellie Comerford reveals what's behind this shift in buyer attitude.

Peter Switzer

30 March 2012 – Peter Switzer says the Reserve Bank has a chance to give the non-mining part of the economy a step up with a rate cut at its meeting next Tuesday.

Stuart Grimshaw

28 March 2012 – The Bank of Queensland recently announced it would tap the market for $450 million to help strengthen its balance sheet. Plus, the bank revised its outlook for the first half and now expects to report a statutory loss of $91 million. For an update on how the company is travelling, Peter Switzer speaks with the bank’s CEO Stuart Grimshaw.

Craig Rispin

26 March 2012 – What does the future hold for your business? With technology advancing at a rapid rate, business futurist and trend tracker Craig Rispin reveals why businesses need to be prepared and adapt for what’s around the corner.

Shane Oliver

23 March 2012 – Peter Switzer speaks with AMP Capital Investors’ Shane Oliver for his analysis on the economy and interest rates and why he thinks there’s scope for cuts.

Keith Abraham

21 March 2012 – Is passion the key to success in business and life? Passionate People’s Keith Abraham certainly thinks so and today he reveals why.

Jason Andrew

19 March 2012 – Jason Andrew’s auctioneer business covers the Queensland market from Gladstone to Grafton. So how is property travelling in the Sunshine State?

Michael Russell

16 March 2012 – With banks now moving rates out of cycle with the Reserve Bank, Peter Switzer speaks with Mortgage Choice CEO Michael Russell for his outlook on rates and the mortgage market.

Darren McLeod

16 March 2012 – More and more property investors are looking to the National Rental Affordability Scheme as a means to build property wealth. Peter Switzer speaks with FirstMac’s Darren McLeod to evaluate the program.

Stuart Grimshaw

14 March 2012 – The banks have come under fire for raising rates out of step with the RBA, but have they good reason for doing so? To find out, and to get an outlook for rates in 2012, Peter Switzer speaks with Bank of Queensland CEO Stuart Grimshaw.

Glenn Baker

7 March 2012 – The Reserve Bank opted to keep the official cash rate steady at its March meeting, leaving the door open for future easing should it be required. What’s likely to happen? Peter Switzer speaks with rates expert Glenn Baker, CFO at ING Direct.

John Symond

5 March 2012 – It’s said there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but in his new campaign, “Aussie” John Symond says the Big Four will make you believe there is.

Damian Smith

2 March 2012 – Although the Reserve Bank left rates on hold this month, a number of lenders bumped up their variable rates by an average of 10 basis points. Has the RBA become irrelevant in setting rates? Damian Smith, CEO of RateCity, answers.

Tim Brown

29 February 2012 – Could investors wanting to upgrade their property be the fastest growing segment for 2012? To find out this, as well as where the mortgage market is headed, Peter Switzer speaks with Vow Financial’s Tim Brown.

Gerry Robert

27 February 2012 – Best-selling author, speaker and consultant Gerry Robert explains the fundamentals of his new book The Millionaire Mindset: How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Income.

Craig James

24 February 2012 – Peter Switzer speaks with CommSec’s Craig James for his views on business confidence following Kevin Rudd’s resignation as foreign minister and the Reserve bank choosing not to budge on its official cash rate at the February meeting.

Chris Whitehead

22 February 2012 – Among the lenders that kept variable home loan interest rates on hold while the major banks raised rates last week was Credit Union Australia. CEO Chris Whitehead joins Peter Switzer on Broker TV to discuss this and more.

Ross McDonald

20 February 2012 – Don’t miss Google’s head of retail Ross McDonald on how businesses can ensure they have the right online strategy.

John Edwards

17 February 2012 – Despite falls in house prices over 2011, will this year be the time to buy? John Edwards, CEO of Residex, looks at the outlook for property.

Chris Acret

15 February 2012 – All the major banks have raised variable home loan interest rates despite no move by the Reserve Bank. How will the rate hikes affect the mortgage and lending markets? Peter Switzer speaks with Smartline’s Chris Acret to find out.

Keith Abraham

13 February 2012 – How can you create an enduring brand? Switzer speaks with best-selling author and founder of Passionate People Keith Abraham.

John McGrath

9 February 2012 – How will the property market react to the Reserve Bank’s decision to leave rates on hold? To find out, Peter Switzer speaks with John McGrath.

Terry McCrann

8 February 2012 – Peter Switzer speaks with Terry McCrann to find out what led the Reserve Bank to leave rates on hold at its February meeting.

Carol Croce & Caryn Kakas

3 February 2012 – For insight into the National Rental Affordability Scheme, Peter Switzer speaks with Carol Croce, executive director of the Community Housing Federation of Australia, and Caryn Kakas, the executive director of the Residential Development Council of Australia.

Ewen McKenzie

13 December 2011 – Queensland Reds’ coach Ewen McKenzie led his rough-and-tough team to victory in the 2011 premiership and today he shares how you too can kick goals in your business.

Harold Mitchell

13 December 2011 – The country’s biggest media buyer Harold Mitchell gives insights into how he led his empire Mitchell Communication Group to rule Australia’s media landscape.

John Howard

9 December 2011 – Former prime minister John Howard provides insights into how he led the country for his 11 years in power. Don’t miss his tips on leadership.

Alex Twigg

6 December 2011 – Peter Switzer speaks with Alex Twigg, the general manager of NAB’s online banking face, UBank, to get a grasp on what it’s offering and how it has been able to appeal to a whole new demographic of customers.

John Edwards

5 December 2011 – Peter Switzer speaks with Residex’s John Edwards to find out if now is a good time for investors to purchase property, and also how investors can buy intelligently.

Matt Comyn

1 December 2011 – How are businesses travelling at the moment? And what’s the outlook for rates? For the answers, Peter Switzer speaks with Commonwealth Bank’s executive general manager of local business banking, Matt Comyn.

Martin Grunstein

28 November 2011 – Each year customer service expert Martin Grunstein sends his clients November 27 cards in place of Christmas cards. Why? Switzer speaks with Grunstein to find out why it’s important to be different in business.

Chris Acret

21 November 2011 – Has the Reserve Bank’s November rate cut affected consumer demand for loans, and are more cuts needed? To find out, Peter Switzer speaks with Smartline managing director Chris Acret.

Charles Tarbey

15 November 2011 – The chairman of Century 21 in Australia, Charles Tarbey, joins Peter Switzer to discuss the outlook for the property sector in Australia and also his views on the Gold Coast.

John McGrath

10 November 2011 – Has Australian real estate dodged the bullet that took down US and European property markets? John McGrath tips the outlook for the Aussie property market.

Chris Whitehead

4 November 2011 – With the Reserve Bank decision to cut the official cash rate and the government guarantee on million-dollar deposits due to end next year, what will it mean for the competitiveness of credit unions? Peter Switzer speaks with CUA’s Chris Whitehead to find out.

Jack Singleton

27 October 2011 – There’s no doubt Aussie businesses are feeling the pressure from a high Australian dollar and interest rates. Don’t miss the chairman of 1300 Flowers, Jack Singleton, for his tips on growing a business in this tough environment.

Ron Bewley

20 October 2011 – With predictions of a rate cut on the first Tuesday of November, Woodhall Investment Research’s Ron Bewley argues that the Reserve Bank should have already moved. Find out why in his interview with Peter Switzer.

Lachlan Harris

19 October 2011 – Peter Switzer uncovers a new challenge in the form of Lachlan Harris, the spin guy for former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and his new venture One Big Switch: “Harris is playing the price game and brokers are always under challenge from this tactic but it should be a wake up call and a reminder that great brokers, like great retail businesses, are all about the value adds and the experience.

“The brokers' inside advantage has always been the customer service, the relationship and understanding the needs of people often embarking on the biggest deals of their lives.

“One Big Switch is a new threat but the really competitive brokers know that it’s just another opportunity to show off why they’re so good.”

John Lees

12 October 2011 – At a time when many businesses are challenged by the two-speed nature of our economy, relatively high interest rates, a strong dollar, and the emergence of online competitors, marketing expert John Lees gives tips for improving business, including making the customer a part of your team!

Damian Smith

10 October 2011 – With more economists coming around to the idea that the Reserve Bank should contemplate cutting interest rates, Peter Switzer speaks with RateCity CEO Damian Smith for his take on the matter.

Dr Frank Gelber

7 October 2011 – At a time when the Reserve Bank looks close to cutting interest rates, Peter Switzer speaks with Dr Frank Gelber from BIS Shrapnel for his forecasts on the economy.

John Marasco

7 October 2011 – The property sector copped a beating in the GFC, but are there green shoots showing for the sector? And how strong will they grow? Peter Switzer speaks with Colliers International managing director of investment services and chairman of global investment John Marasco.

Glenn Baker

5 October 2011 – The Reserve Bank may have left the cash rate on hold for another month, but there appears to be a gradual change in language and some commentators see a rate cut for November. Peter Switzer speaks with ING Direct’s Glenn Baker to find out where rates are headed.

Paul Bloxham

30 September 2011 – The first Tuesday of the month is just around the corner and that means another Reserve Bank board meeting. Peter Switzer speaks with Paul Bloxham, a former RBA insider and now chief economist at HSBC, to get his take on the Big Bank.

Tim Brown

26 September 2011 – For the latest on what borrowers are doing right now, as well as the outlook for property, Peter Switzer speaks with CEO of Vow Financial, Tim Brown.

John McGrath

16 September 2011 – John McGrath gives his opinion on property bubble talk and reveals his top market picks.

Steve Keen

16 September 2011 – Long-time bear Associate Professor Steve Keen from the University of Western Sydney shares his predictions for what’s on the horizon.

John Symond

13 September 2011 – Is Australia experiencing a property bubble that’s set to burst? Peter Switzer speaks with Aussie’s executive chairman John Symond who rejects this notion.

Harry S. Dent Jr.

13 September 2011 – Economist and big-call merchant Harry S. Dent Jr. argues a Great Depression is on the way.

Michael McCarthy & Christopher Joye

9 September 2011 – With the Aussie economy growing 1.2 per cent in the June quarter, the question is how will the Reserve Bank react? For analysis, CMC Markets’ Michael McCarthy, and Rismark International’s Christopher Joye, who predicted a rate rise before the figures were released, join Peter Switzer.

John Howard

1 September 2011 – Peter Switzer speaks with former prime minister John Howard. Discover why he says it’s not yet time to call curtains on the Gillard Government and also his view on the interest rate outlook.

Alan Langford

31 August 2011 – How is Australia dealing with a two-speed economy? Bankwest chief economist Alan Langford reveals what he’s seeing in his home state of Western Australia and abroad.

John Maxwell

23 August 2011 – Don’t miss Peter Switzer’s interview with legendary business guru John Maxwell, who has sold more than 20 million books on success, leadership and communication. How do your leadership skills shape up?

Greg McAweeney

18 August 2011 – New research reveals one in five baby boomer parents expect to fork out towards their Gen Y children's first homes. But is it all happy families? Today, RaboDirect’s Greg McAweeney examines the implication of this inter-generational conflict.

Matt Church

12 August 2011 – Matt Church, one of the most sought after speakers on the business speaking circuit, joins Peter Switzer to reveal what we need to know about our bodies, as well as thought leadership.

Dr Fred Grosse

12 August 2011 – At a time when we are preoccupied with the fears of a stock market slump, are we neglecting what’s important in our business life? Don’t miss Dr Fred Grosse, managing director of the Institute for Management, Organisation and Motivation, who has coached some of the big Australian businesses.

Jason Andrew

10 August 2011 – At a time when the property market has its challenges, and the doomsday merchants are predicting big falls in house prices, Peter Switzer speaks with Jason Andrew from Jason Andrew Auctioneers to gain insight into the real estate market.

Mark Bouris

8 August 2011 – Industry legend Mark Bouris reveals his views on all things RBA and interest rate related, plus the disconnect in economic numbers.

Clifford Bennett and Marcel von Pfyffer

5 August 2011 – Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett and RBS Morgans’ Marcel von Pfyffer put the spotlight on the troubled global economies – what do their crystal balls reveal?

Michael Matusik

3 August 2011 – Property market state of play – don’t miss Michael Matusik, director of Matusik Property Insights.

Liz Wiseman

29 July 2011 – How do some leaders create intelligence around them, while others diminish it? Wall Street Journal best-selling author and executive adviser Liz Wiseman reveals her expert insight.

Margaret Lomas & Giles Campbell

26 July 2011 – Peter Switzer and property expert Margaret Lomas join forces – New Financial You winner Giles Campbell is looking for guidance on how to build his wealth, but is property the way to go?

Jordan Belfort

21 July 2011 – Watch Peter Switzer’s interview with the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. He was the real-life Gordon Gekko who went to jail and has since found redemption. Why should you listen to him? Find out now.

Saul Eslake

19 July 2011 – With recent calls proclaiming the next RBA rate movement could be down, what can we really expect? Peter Switzer speaks with the Grattan Institute’s Saul Eslake to sort the fact from the fiction.

Lisa Claes

15 July 2011 – Consumer confidence hit a 26-month low in July, and has fallen a total of 17.3 per cent over 12 months. Do the figures add up to a Reserve Bank interest rate cut? ING Direct’s Lisa Claes discusses what the data means for the economy.

Dr Frank Gelber

15 July 2011 – With Australians saving like never before plus talk of a so-called housing bubble, BIS Shrapnel’s Dr Frank Gelber joins Switzer to make sense of what’s happening in the property sector and the economy.

Lincoln Crawley & Christena Singh

1 July 2011 – Peter Switzer speaks with Manpower managing director Lincoln Crawley to see how the job market is faring in this two-speed economy, and author of the Sensis Business Index, Christena Singh, shares the latest on what’s happening in the small and medium business sector.

Ian Corfield

30 June 2011 – Peter Switzer speaks with Bankwest Business chief executive Ian Corfield to find out how business is reacting to life in a two-speed economy.

Ellie Comerford and Alan Shields

23 June 2011 – With concerns over interest rate hikes, Australia’s multispeed economy and the situation overseas, it’s no surprise homebuyers are cautious. To reveal how buyers in Australia compare with those in other countries, plus views on an Australian housing bubble, Genworth’s Ellie Comerford and RFi’s Alan Shields join Peter Switzer.

Kevin Conlon and James Hickey

21 June 2011 – The size of the reverse mortgage market has returned to pre-GFC levels according to a recent report by Deloitte. More than 40,000 people now have reverse mortgages worth $3 billion. For more on the report, Peter Switzer talks to SEQUAL CEO Kevin Conlon and Deloitte’s James Hickey.

Sir Ralph Norris

20 June 2011 – On Thursday night last week, CEOs around the country slept rough at the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Peter Switzer speaks with CBA CEO Sir Ralph Norris, one of the event’s biggest fundraisers, for his views on the interest rates, the economy and more.

Damian Smith

17 June 2011 – With the Reserve Bank likely to keep rates on hold until they see the next round of inflation data, Damian Smith, CEO of RateCity joins Peter Switzer to put home loans in focus. Is it time to fix?

Ray Hair

15 June 2011 – With a great passion for real estate in this country, there’s been a growth of insurance linked to the mortgage industry. The question is, however, are we insuring more and getting less for our buck? Don’t miss Peter Switzer’s interview with the CEO of ALI Group, Ray Hair.

Associate Professor Steve Keen

9 June 2011 – Associate Professor Steve Keen argues Australia has a real estate bubble and with the massive overload of debt it will eventually burst.

John Edwards

9 June 2011 – John Edwards, Residex CEO, says there’s no threat of a housing bubble in Australia, and gives his view on the state of the sector.

John McGrath

9 June 2011 – The latest realty check suggests there’s a split decision on whether real estate prices are head up or down. Don’t miss John McGrath’s views on the outlook for property, as well as his top property picks.

John Edwards

8 June 2011 – John Edwards, CEO of Residex, gives Switzer Broker his take on the outlook for the property industry.

Terry McCrann

8 June 2011 – With the Reserve Bank leaving rates on hold yet again in June, Terry McCrann looks at what we can expect in the coming months.

Nabi Saleh

6 June 2011 – With much of Australia addicted to coffee, founder of Gloria Jean’s Coffees International Nabi Saleh reveals the reason behind rising prices, the future for coffee, and the importance of leadership in business.

Chris Acret

3 June 2011 – House prices are continuing to fall, building approvals are heading south and while loans for the housing sector were up for the year, it was the lowest result over the last 34 years. Peter Switzer speaks with Smartline managing director Chris Acret to get his views on what’s going on in the housing sector.

Christopher Joye

27 May 2011 – Christopher Joye, MD of Rismark International gives his views on what’s happening with house prices and why the Reserve Bank must raise rates soon.

Sir Richard Branson

27 May 2011 – When Sir Richard Branson sold his record business for an airline, people thought he was crazy – “the easiest way to become a millionaire is to start off as a billionaire and go into the airline industry” – but more than 20 years on, and with a net worth of US$4.2 billion, Branson reveals the secrets to his success.

Cameron Clyne

24 May 2011 – Peter Switzer interviews National Australia Bank Group CEO Cameron Clyne to find out why the bank officially called it quits with the Big Four and their plans to use the internet to sell heavily discounted mortgages. Watch part one here.

Cameron Clyne

24 May 2011 – Peter Switzer interviews National Australia Bank Group CEO Cameron Clyne to find out why the bank officially called it quits with the Big Four and their plans to use the internet to sell heavily discounted mortgages. Watch part two here.

Martin Grunstein

28 April 2011 – Martin Grunstein shares his top customer service tips.

Michael Matusik

14 April 2011 – Is the Aussie property market a bubble waiting to burst? Today, we throw the spotlight on the fallout of the RBA’s aggressive interest rate policy. Peter Switzer speaks to Michael Matusik, director of Matusik Property Insights, to uncover the outlook for property.

Chris Richardson

17 February 2011 – A drop in interest rates? A technical recession? Or none of the above? Chris Richardson from Access Economics reveals his outlook on the economy.

Tim Brown

11 February 2011 – Peter Switzer interviews Tim Brown, CEO of Vow Financial, for his view on the state of the mortgage broking industry, what lies ahead and much more. Watch it now on Broker TV.

Charles Tarbey

2 February 2011 – Century 21’s chairman Charles Tarbey tips what’s in store for the real estate market. Watch it now on Broker TV.

Kathy Cummings

24 December 2010 – Kathy Cummings, the executive general manager of third party and mobile banking at the Commonwealth Bank reveals her view on what’s happening in the mortgage industry and the relationship between brokers and banks.

Damian Smith

23 December 2010 – The bank wars sparked by NAB last month has caused a ripple effect for home loan customers, regardless of whether or not NAB is offering a better deal. To look at what the campaign means for the mortgage industry, as well as the state of the market in general, Peter Switzer interviews Damian Smith, CEO of RateCity.

Mark Reid

23 December 2010 – Conflicting reports on the health of the business sector in Australia have left market analysts scratching their heads. Head of business and private banking at Bankwest, Mark Reid, gives us his reading on the pulse of business in Australia right now.

Jost Stollmann

23 December 2010 – Tyro Payments, the first new entrant into the EFTPOS business in over 15 years, has already managed to grab the BRW title of the fourth fastest growing business in Australia. But can CEO Jost Stollmann’s David win out over the Goliaths of the banking sector?

John McGrath

23 December 2010 – Peter Switzer talks to John McGrath to find where are the property hotspots around the country.

Peter White

23 December 2010 – FBAA national president Peter White argues there are more important issues to be addressed than the call for the ending of exit fees, including the insurance borrowers take out on a mortgage.

John Edwards

23 December 2010 – John Edwards, CEO of Residex, tips the cities and suburbs slated for growth.

David Foster

23 December 2010 – With floods and earthquakes eating into insurers’ profits, Suncorp Bank reported a smaller-than-expected result earlier this week. How did the bank actually perform in the challenging funding environment? David Foster, CEO of Suncorp Bank, shares the company’s outlook for the future.

Pamela Liebman

23 December 2010 – New York, New York – you might want to be a part of it, but how much will it cost you? The Big Apple boasts some of the most expensive real estate in the world. Peter Switzer catches up with Pamela Liebman, CEO of The Corcoran Group, to see where the New York property market is headed.

Nathan Dale

23 December 2010 – At just 23, Intact Group’s Nathan Dale started his commercial property business. How has he managed to steer the company through tough waters, taking out a stack of big-name honours in the process?

David Breen

23 December 2010 – A financial wellbeing survey suggests Aussies are ready to leave their home lenders but are unsure if it’s worth the trouble. Almost one in two are unhappy with their mortgage but don’t leave because of high exit fees and time-consuming paperwork. ING Direct’s David Breen discusses the findings.

Bob Doll

23 December 2010 – From New York, Peter Switzer speaks to investment heavyweight BlackRock’s Bob Doll. With roughly US$3 trillion under management, Doll reveals how he made the most of the GFC.

Michelle Koch

21 December 2010 – Meet the woman who crosses the t's and dots the i's on the most important transactions on Wall Street – Michelle Koch, chief counsel at NYSE. Peter Switzer reports from Wall Street.

Rob Watson

19 December 2010 – New York is the Grand Central for wealth – to find out just what kind of movement’s at the station, Peter Switzer turns to financial heavyweight Lyster Watson’s Rob Watson. Watson reveals how he saw his clients through GFC.

Troy McErvale

8 December 2010 – Meet Troy McErvale – an Aussie mortgage broker doing business in New York.

Clifford Bennett

28 November 2010 – As the last RBA meeting for the year draws nearer, don’t miss Herston Economics’ Clifford Bennett and his take on what’s in store for those in the RBA’s firing line, the Aussie dollar and the strength of China.

Gerry Harvey

26 November 2010 – Don’t miss the second installment of Peter Switzer’s interview with Gerry Harvey.

Gerry Harvey

24 November 2010 – Harvey Norman holds its AGM. To uncover what’s on the agenda, Peter Switzer caught up with business great Gerry Harvey. Don’t miss part one of this interview – it’s been a tough year on those in the discretionary spending game, find out how the retail giant is really faring.

Chris Richardson

21 November 2010 – As the RBA's final meeting for the year inches closer, we look to their last decision with Access Economics’ Chris Richardson – was the rate hike the right thing to do? And just how much higher can they go?

John McGrath

21 November 2010 – John McGrath puts the spotlight on what’s happening in the housing and real estate sector.

Symon Brewis-Weston

16 November 2010 – Banks have come under fire of late – but are we being too tough on the Big Four? We ask the Commonwealth Bank’s Symon Brewis-Weston.

Christopher Joye

14 November 2010 – Rismark International’s Christopher Joye puts the rumours to rest – Australia is not suffering from a property bubble. He makes a wager against US investor legend Jeremy Grantham on the health of the Australian property market.

Chris Whitehead

14 November 2010 – As the outrage surrounding the Big Four Banks continues to make front-page news, we throw the spotlight to the alternatives on offer with CUA’s Chris Whitehead.

John Marasco

12 November 2010 – The outlook for property is positive and with no sign of a double dip, investors will back to the market in a big way in 2011, according to Colliers International’s John Marasco. Watch it now.

Joe Hockey

9 November 2010 – The big banks have come under fire of late with multi-billion dollar profits, interest rate movements and exit fees coming to the fore. Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says borrowers are likely to get a raw deal.

Jon Denovan

4 November 2010 – Is recent bank-bashing just a political bid to win over hard-hit mortgagees? Or does our banking sector need a really good shake-up? To find out, we turn to Gadens Lawyers’ Jon Denovan.

Glenn Baker

2 November 2010 – Today, punters kept one eye on the Cup and the other on the RBA rate decision set to stop the nation. To find out what motivated Governor Stevens’s move to raise rates, we turn to ING Direct’s Glenn Baker.

Michael Russell

27 October 2010 – Michael Russell, CEO of Mortgage Choice, joins Peter Switzer in the hotseat to put the spotlight on the top industry issues.

Christoper Joye

27 October 2010 – Rismark International’s Christopher Joye tackles the issues at the heart of the election. Don’t miss his take on house prices (Joye tells Keen he’s dreaming), the $43 billion NBN and whether the fiscal stimulus really did create Gillard’s 200,000 jobs.

Lisa Claes

26 October 2010 – Watch Peter Switzer talk interest rates, inflation, cost of funding and the state of the market with Lisa Claes, executive director of ING Direct, on Broker TV.

Peter White

26 October 2010 – Finance Brokers Association of Australia National President, Peter White joins SWITZER BROKER to discuss the key issues facing the mortgage industry. Watch it now.

Steve Weston

26 October 2010 – Steve Weston is the General Manager for Distribution for Challenger. Challenger is a diversified financial services organisation that provides a broad range of investments and financial products and services to institutional and retail clients. Steve discusses the recent difficulties the mortgage industry has faced.

John Symond

26 October 2010 – To find out where Aussie is headed, and to get his take on the outlook for the Australian economy, Peter Switzer spoke with Aussie John.

Steve Kane

26 October 2010 – FAST CEO, Steve Kane, joins Switzer. FAST is a national aggregation service company that opened its doors in 2000 and has since enjoyed unprecedented growth.

John McGrath

18 October 2010 – Where to from here for property prices? With an interest rate rise on the cards, John McGrath throws the spotlight on what’s in store for those in the property market.

Joe Sirianni

3 June 2010 – How badly were brokers hit during the global financial crisis? And how are they doing now? Joe Sirianni, president of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and executive director of Smartline joins Peter Switzer on his Sky News Business Channel program – SWITZER.

Kathy Cummings

19 April 2010 – Kathy Cummings head of third party lending at the Commonwealth Bank joins Peter Switzer to discuss how the mortgage market sands are shifting as well as what a lender is looking for in a mortgage broker.

Paul Smith

9 January 2010 – Repucom’s Paul Smith has built an international brand analysis and research agency valuing the sponsorship of broadcast sports events. But how did he do it? Smith shares his secrets for business success.