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Welcome to Switzer Broker – an independent source for mortgage industry news and economic insights.

Switzer has been working with the mortgage and finance industry for many years now and understand the core issues facing brokers today. But more importantly, we believe in brokers – because most of you are small business owners who want to grow professionally, and build a better business.

So we’ve created a one-stop shop that aims to fill the gaps – if it’s news you want, if it’s in depth industry features, if you’re searching for top tips to grow your business – then look no further than at www.switzerbroker.com.au.

At the heart of great mortgage businesses is the business leader’s willingness to grow and develop a competitive edge – but it can be tough when you’re working at the coalface. So that’s why we’re bringing our small business knowledge to help where you need it most.

And, you’ll get the Switzer Broker newsletter delivered three times a week for your dose of important info to keep you in the know.

And remember, if nothing changes nothing changes.