Basic Building Inspection Services

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Commercial property refers to land and buildings meant to make a profit either through rental or capital gains. Since this type of investment involves a huge amount of money, knowing the condition of a property before buying it will reduce incurring unnecessary costs. Before investing in a commercial property you must have enough information that can only be gained through inspection.

For such an imperative property activity such as inspection, you not only need to hire a reputable company but also one that understands construction needs in your location. ASBIR lets you have peace of mind when it comes to building inspection reports and services in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Here is a list of services that you will get from an experienced inspection company such as ASBIR:


*Dilapidation reports

A dilapidation report is a document indicating any pre-existing damages or areas of structural damage before construction begins. Knowing the current condition of your property determines whether an adjacent construction project will damage your property.


*Commercial Building Inspections

Before making a decision to buy a particular property, significant and relevant information regarding it must be well documented. ASBIR comes in handy and avails to you with pre-purchase commercial building inspections enabling you to make a calculated decision.


*Handover Inspections

Handover inspections are done to make sure that the work done on your new property is completed and is up to the standards set. Before making your final payment, get your handover inspection report from ASBIR to make sure that the property is worth investing in.


*Building Stage Inspections

This is a precautionary measure to ensure that no construction issues in the early stages are carried along to the end of your project. ASBIR is well informed of Australian Building Codes and Standards and will make sure that your building will be of the required quality.


*Maintenance Inspections

You want to ensure that you take advantage of the builders’ warranty by identifying any issues before the warranty period ends. Maintenance inspections from ASBIR involve a wide range of activities such as termite and mold inspection.


*Building & Pest Inspections

Houses built with timber are prone to infestation by pests. ASBIR will provide pest inspections to ensure that the infestation is stopped before growing to become a big concern.


Inspection is a practice that should be not ignored in every stage of commercial property development. To make sure that you get the best services and value for your money, choose the right property, contact ASBIR.