What is a Pegasus Rail Industry Worker Card

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A Pegasus rail industry worker (RIW) card is proof that shows that a person is competent to work in the Australian rail network. It is required by law and is the right way to diminish the risk of having people with no training working in this network. The reason why it is called the Pegasus rail industry worker card is that it is managed by an Australian software company with that name.


Before it was issued for Australian rail network workers, employers and employees had to manage diverse things such as track access permits, licenses, and other tickets. This was a very hard thing to do. That is why in 2013, the Australasian Railway Association or ARA along with other partners including Aurizon, Metro, and ART among others came up with a complete national competency management system for people working in this industry. In the Pegasus rail industry worker card, you can find the personal information of the worker as well as his competencies for his job position or role.


How does the Pegasus Rail Industry Workers Card Work


It has pre-loaded employee roles. This way, the correct one can be had when the employee registers and inputs the information on his role, tickets, licenses, certificates, inductions, etc. This way, he can prove his competency for that specific role. Once it is verified by a 100 point identification check, Pegasus proceeds to check out the competence and personal information of each worker before registering his details and sending them their card.


Some of the roles in this industry are track maintainer, grinder, leading hand, locomotive driver, rail welder, operator crane, etc.


How can Employees Benefit from It


  • They have instant access to all data of rail contractors
  • It helps them manage training and inductions
  • It manages competency, qualifications, and compliance of their workers
  • Tools are provided for auditing, investigation, and inspection purposes of rail contractors
  • They have both call centre and online support